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How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Recruitment

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There's a deep human fascination with the idea of artificial intelligence.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous "I'll be back" in Terminator, to the famous Japanese robot hotel, deep down, the idea of creating a machine that functions like a human gets us going.

It's not all good though, a quick Google search shows you what we're worried about - losing our jobs and robot overlords!

Fears about AI

Plenty has been written about the potential impact of artificial intelligence and automation on the job market. Instead of throwing our hat in the ring here, we wanted to discuss a different area.

What could artificial intelligence do for recruiters?

What does Artificial Intelligence mean for recruiting?

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential when it comes to recruiting, not to cut jobs, but to accelerate hiring, remove manual tasks and make recruiters far more productive.

To illustrate this effectively, we're borrowing Tim Urban's beautiful method of visualizing productivity:

Assuming that most people sleep 7-8 hours per night, Urban theorizes that everyone has roughly 1,000 minutes each day to "spend".

These 1,000 minutes can be split into 100 "10-minute blocks" of time. For most people, roughly half of these blocks will be spent working.

Take a critical look at the image below - how many of your "work" blocks are currently wasted? How many of these blocks could your team get back if data entry, admin and "busy-work" took care of itself..?

How much better could you use your blocks to hit KPIs and hiring targets? How would your approach to candidate interactions change if you could devote more "blocks" to engaging with people?

Recruiter time

(*The full post from Tim is really worth a read)

Saving time is only the tip of the iceberg though, there is plenty that technology can do to make you more effective.

From sending follow up emails automatically, to contacting candidates when relevant roles open up, to notifying your team when candidates are actively job-hunting, automation can engage talent for you without you ever lifting a finger.

The opportunity to treat candidates right...

Consumer marketing has spoiled us. We've become accustomed to an insane level of personalization. Whether it's the "recommendations" that Amazon sends us when we're thinking about what to buy, or the service we expect in a nice restaurant.

When we apply for a job though, more often than not, our CV ends up in some kind of black hole and we never hear back.

This jars with the "consumer experience" we've come to expect. If you're looking for the reason behind negative feedback and Glassdoor reviews, it's right here!

Recruiting teams don't have the resources of marketers though. They haven't had the tools to give every candidate a unique experience, and do it at scale.

Automation, artificial intelligence, they're just the first step. Companies need software that helps them build relationships with candidates instead of collecting resumes.

We've built Beamery from the ground up to be this software. The candidate journey now starts long before someone even thinks about clicking apply, and we help companies engage with candidates from the very first brand touchpoint.

As we often say though, software is only an enabler. The desire to treat candidates right and a belief in the evolution of recruiting needs to come first.