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Does Your Talent have a Future with Your Brand?

53% of employees are considering leaving their current role in the next year. Do you have the right Talent Mobility program to retain your employees?

According to the latest Beamery Talent Index, you have some good reasons to be concerned about your internal talent: More than half of employees who participated in the research are considering leaving their current role in the next twelve months. Moreover, 74% of employees believe that they can find this new role with their current employer.

Combining these two findings leads to this daunting question: Within the next year, are you ready to offer your employees an alternative role, or risk losing them?  If the answer is neither, it is time to rethink your talent mobility strategy.

74% of employees believe that they can find a new role with their current employer.

The inability to provide your ambitious employees with a clear path forward in their career can leave them feeling lost, leading to a talent exodus and increased business risk.  A quarter of the workforce is actively looking for a new role, meaning your TA and HR teams will be spending more time, money, and resources looking for external talent, instead of empowering and nurturing their internal employees. 


Empower your employees by offering them transparent career navigation 

The Beamery Talent Index discovered that there is a big gap between employees’ intent and career ambitions, and what employers know and offer. In other words, the absence of career navigation and transparency on skills requirements is a key driver behind employee churn. 

Beamery Talent Mobility enables organizations to solve this urgent challenge with 4 key elements:

  1. Transitioning to a skill-based workforce plan, understanding what skills you are hiring for today and in the future, and what skills are transferable

  2. Building an employee skills inventory to identify the skills and strengths of your employees, and discover the areas your organization needs to focus on

  3. Guiding and empowering employees so you can leverage their strengths, skills, and career ambitions with transparent progression and learning pathways

  4. Observing a holistic approach to talent when combined with the foundation of best-in-class Talent CRM from Beamery and Talent Mobility

The time to act is now. But what program is the best for your needs?

Talent Mobility or internal mobility programs are not new. Organizations are aware of their importance, but often face two key challenges in implementing them: they are either not an urgent priority, or offer a poor employee experience.

In both cases, rates of internal mobility remain low, leading to employees leaving the organization and skills shortages. As a result, organizations are under more pressure and uncertainty from the already busy talent planning and HR teams.

Beamery Talent Mobility mitigates these issues by offering an engaging employee experience.  Our new Talent Portals extend the great candidate experience on Beamery CRM into the employee experience. Together with quality and unbiased data about talent and our holistic approach, we help organizations mitigate common Talent Mobility difficulties and focus on the positive business impact it can bring when it is executed right.

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