Make data-driven decisions

Spot opportunities, predict trends and report on whatever you need to drive ROI and business success.

Unlock the value of your data to make the right decisions

Without data at hand, you’re stuck in a tactical, reactive mindset, wasting time and effort, unable to make the best decisions. Beamery offers the most flexible and comprehensive TA reporting, with every piece of data at your fingertips.

Benefit block icon Instant insightInstant insight

Access real-time, end-to-end data that you can cut however you need to report on everything in Beamery.

Benefit block icon Data on everythingData on everything

Instantly report on your data quality, team performance, time-to-hire, your pipeline health and more!

Benefit block icon Reporting made simpleReporting made simple

Out-of-the-box reports for all the essentials, and add to them with easy-to-create custom reports.

Understand your hiring funnel

Report on candidate progress through your sourcing and hiring funnel. Report on time to hire, and identify your best sources for strong hires. Identify your most impactful candidate touchpoints, and accurately attribute impact.

Optimize sourcing strategies

Monitor the impact of different sources, at every stage of the pipeline, to see which sources deliver the most qualified candidates, and prioritize your efforts.

Benefit block icon Slice and dice your data image

Slice and dice your data

Visualize all the data within Beamery, including any custom fields you have defined to support your strategic initiatives. This lets you report on anything from the best sources for candidates with selected professional qualifications or skills to diversity and inclusion performance across your pipeline.

Target universitiesDiversityCandidate readinessRole interest

Monitor team performance

Keep on track of your key metrics and team impact. Individuals can see their activity and results, while team leaderboards let you quickly evaluate progress and success.

Maintain clean data

Monitor your sourcing efforts, ensuring that all contacts are added with the data you need to reach out to and engage talent. Easily generate a list of the contact records that need attention and who needs to update them so you can rely on clean, up-to-date data in all your workstreams.

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