Beamery Acquires Flux

Beamery Acquires Flux

Beamery acquires Flux, an internal mobility platform that connects open development and work opportunities with best-fit internal talent, prioritizing employee growth and performance while propelling businesses forward.

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We're unifying internal and external resourcing to better inform organizations on the capabilities of their workforce, and enable them to achieve their DEI, talent, hiring and retention goals.

Unifying the talent lifecycle

With the acquisition of Flux, Beamery will offer the first unified platform for internal and external resourcing, allowing businesses to tap into the skills of their global talent pool, and recruit, find, develop, and redeploy people “on-demand”.

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“We are able to identify strengths in our talent and ask them what they are passionate about and how they would like to grow. When we combine Strengths + Passion + Right Opportunity, we can amplify both the impact to our employees career journey and to our business.”

Natasha Hoady - Sr. Director, HR, Uber

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“Through the acquisition of Flux, Beamery can help companies tap into key skills and “talent on demand” with an intelligent platform that brings together external candidates, employees, and alumni into a single, global talent pool"

Josh Bersin - Industry Analyst

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A Conversation with George LaRocque

Discussing the Flux acquisition and looking into Beamery's strategic vision and product roadmap.

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Beamery will offer the first unified platform for internal & external resourcing, allowing businesses to tap into their global talent pool & recruit, find, develop & redeploy people “on-demand.”

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Announcement - Flux Acquisition Launch - Taking a Skills-First Approach to the Talent Lifecycle

Webinar: Taking a Skills-First Approach to the Talent Lifecycle

In this interactive session we’ll speak with Forrester Principal Analyst Katy Tynan to explore topics such as how we assess talent, the role of skills taxonomies and ontologies, and why the unification of internal and external resourcing gives businesses the opportunity to create an "on-demand" flow of the talent they need to meet the challenges of the future of work.

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