Global Retailer's challenge

Tasked with the strategic pillar to source and attract a larger, more relevant talent pool faster in line with the business’s 40% year-on-year growth, the award-winning global ecommerce retailer required a tool to help them to attract, identify and nurture their top candidates.

Create a single source of truth for all candidate relationships, improving recruiter efficiency and streamlining workflows

Improve candidate experience and employer brand awareness

Improve data collection and reporting

Global Retailer

About Global Retailer

Founded in 2002 and widely celebrated as one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home, the award-winning global ecommerce retailer is in the midst of tremendous company growth - now offering more than 10 million products curated from over 10,000 suppliers worldwide.




Headquartered in Boston and Berlin, the leading global ecommerce retailer has a presence across North America and Europe.



After using Beamery


improved engagement over LinkedIn


growth in candidate pipeline with Beamery


new candidates assigned to open roles through Beamery

Delivering Key Business Outcomes

“Out of the box, Beamery has provided us with an aquarium for our proactive sourcing - helping our team to curate the quality of that aquarium, so that we can get more efficiency out of our ongoing outbound recruiting efforts. One of the key outcomes that it has already delivered, is providing a single source of truth for us to easily draw top candidates from”, said Matuszewski.

“Beamery offers some unique advantages against its competitors in terms of native data enrichment and the level of sophistication that comes with its multi-touch, automated Campaigns engine. Our engagement rates via this are broadly much higher than our traditional, prior outbound tactics - with automated Campaign response rates through the platform trending at 60 - 70% on average, versus around 40% for Linkedin”.

As a global company with Sourcing functions located across different hubs, having a standardized approach to their prospect data, tracking and reporting, as well as improved collaboration between teams is crucial. Beamery helps the global ecommerce retailer to better understand their candidate pools, maintain connections with talent over time and ultimately give visibility into the success of sourcing and recruiting activity throughout the candidate funnel.


“As we invest in our employer brand globally, we see Beamery very much as the cannon. We are still in the process of polishing the cannonballs, but the ideal is that as we increase our outbound marketing efforts, the platform will help us to aim and calibrate these at a more granular level”. With a shared vision for the future of talent engagement as well as the resources and traction required to get there, the award-winning global ecommerce retailer and Beamery continue to work in close partnership to deliver key business outcomes and continued success.

“If I could describe Beamery in three words, it would be innovative, dedicated and focused. The level of customer success management has exceeded our expectations and the business has a clear product roadmap and vision that is uncompromising”, said Matuszewski.

“We’re looking forward to seeing more of the gains from the platform in the future and cutting down the time to fill equation for us as a business”.

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