Beamery + Entrepreneur First

The Entrepreneur First Talent team bring together extraordinary people from across the globe to build innovative companies; “offering an alternative entrepreneurial career path for the best and brightest technical talent” according to Hoffman.

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The need for a single source of truth for their candidate database

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Difficulty in nurturing and engaging passive top talent

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Lack of data and reporting to assess sourcing strategy performance


About Entrepreneur First

Backed by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Partner at Silicon Valley’s Greylock Parts, Entrepreneur First have created more than 150 startups from scratch. Their impressive portfolio comprises businesses that are solving anything from democratising space, to advanced biometric authentication.





Additional Locations

Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Bangalore


Technology, Investment, Venture Capital

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After using Beamery


Increase in known impact leads


Increase in email reply rate

Compliance peace of mind

Entrepreneur First are committed to using the tool to improve recruiter efficiency and best practice, having found notable business benefits in the platform’s ability to reduce time spent on manual data entry. Additionally, with the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation coming into effect earlier this year, the company were able to rely on the Beamery platform to overcome the compliance challenges that many other businesses faced;“Being able to track and automate the candidate consent process through Beamery has been invaluable. It would have been very difficult to facilitate with the speed and ease at which we did, without the platform,” said Sonia.

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On the partnership and commitment of the Beamery Customer Success team, Sonia advised “they are incredibly supportive, friendly and responsive. It’s honestly amazing to work with such a proactive group of people who care so much about the success of the product for our business. And are just as passionate as we are about treating top talent the right way”.

“As we scale as a business, we will continue using Beamery to inform our global talent strategy” commented Sonia.

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Grab was a 40% increase in recruiter productivity, and a "highly engaged" status in more than half of their new talent community.

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