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Recruiting teams are constantly under pressure to turn up the heat - every recruitment campaign has to hit home; every passive candidate has to be reached. Some companies have cracked the code on how to compete with the biggest brands on the market, even in the current conditions: Appian is one of them.

Chris Fitzner, recruitment marketing manager at Appian said, “We take an extremely strategic approach to talent acquisition and ensure that our programs and campaigns directly align with our business goals. With aggressive growth plans, in an ultra-competitive market, it’s critical that we align our strategies, tactics and results with the business in order to compete to win.”

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About Appian

Appian, founded in 1999, is a low code automation platform headquartered in Washington, DC. With 1500 employees, the tech leader has enjoyed continuous growth, particularly since its IPO in 2017. With offices around the globe, the company is forecasting a lot of growth in 2021. Sitting at the core of enacting its growth plan is the company’s talent acquisition team.




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After using Beamery


reduction in sourcing time


increase in career site traffic YoY


increase in total applicants

Beamery Helps Appian Speed, Personalize & Inject Data into Talent Acquisition

Appian competes for top talent alongside tech and consumer brand heavyweights, making it critical for them to creatively attract and engage with candidates quickly, and communicate the value of working at Appian, what the culture is like, and paint a picture of how potential candidates can make an impact.

“Today's talent market is insane, with top brands competing for the attention of, and eventual hire, of top talent,” commented Fitzner. “Pair that with our incredible growth trajectory, and it was clear we needed a better, faster way to automate our recruitment marketing programs to ensure we were better able to nurture candidates, automate processes and personalize the experience - to turn interested candidates into future hires.”

Beamery’s Talent Operating System helps Appian to ultimately recruit more proactively, engage pipelines of qualified talent ahead of business demand and drive more efficient and effective processes. Fitzner noted, “As we know, it can take several touchpoints and interactions with a brand before a candidate takes an action to apply to a job, making how we interact with candidates during that time absolutely critical in their decision to apply and potentially join our organization. Beamery is pivotal to how we’re able to do that.”

He continued, “Beamery allows us to reach the right candidates with the right message through highly personalized and automated nurture campaigns. With Beamery, we have more confidence in our data as well, with a central repository of candidate information that our sourcers and recruiters can access, allowing us to move quickly and confidently as we support Appian’s growth.”

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