Beamery Series B: Putting $28M to work for our customers

When we started Beamery, we had a vision for how we were going to transform the talent acquisition landscape. We are on our way to achieving that goal.

We also had a vision for the kind of software company we wanted to be. We’ve seen so many companies get away from their innovative beginnings after they started focusing on the “business”, and on driving returns for investors. That’s what you’re expected to do, but it’s also short-term thinking. As soon as you start prioritizing immediate returns, investment in innovation falls into the rearview mirror.

We didn’t want that to be Beamery! We wanted to be a company that blows customers away with awesome products, to be recognised for the quality and speed of our development. To be a truly Product and Engineering-centric company.

2018 has been a great year for us. We shipped a whole new version of Beamery, as well as 553 new features and enhancements, with many more to come.

We raised $28M from EQT Partners and M12 Formerly Microsoft Ventures. These funds will go straight into accelerating all aspects of product development. We’re doubling the size of our R&D organization over the next 12 months and opening a second R&D office. We’re very excited to tell you what we’ll be working on next.

Creating for a new business category

We want companies to run their entire talent acquisition operation from Beamery and we don’t mean application tracking!.

We’ve seen the strategic value of proactively building relationships and starting conversations with candidates way before the application process. Companies running on Beamery already experience a massive improvement in cost, time and quality of hire but does that mean it’s mission accomplished? Not at all, we can do so much more…

Recruitment organizations are changing to adapt to this proactive process, with new teams emerging for Sourcing, Employer Branding, Recruitment Operations, Events, Candidate Experience, Forecasting & Planning, Market Intelligence and Compliance. We want to be at the forefront as the technology partner that drives this change, and we consider broadening our solutions for each of these functions a core priority.

Building for the Truly Global Enterprise

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredibly innovative global businesses; companies who’ve experimented with the new tools at their disposal, who’ve found better ways to engage and convert talent. We want that experience to become the mainstream rather than the exception to the rule.

For that to happen, we’ll need to continue developing a product that serves truly global enterprises, and build on top of our existing foundation:

Innovating for tomorrow, today

We started building Beamery by challenging ourselves to re-imagine the recruiting status quo. We don’t just want to make a better version of what is there today, we want to invent tomorrow.

What if we didn’t need to post jobs on job boards anymore? What if time to hire could be reduced to 1 day? What would need to be true for that to happen?

How would the modern enterprise approach this? That’s where AI comes in. We believe that AI won’t replace recruiters, but recruiters who embrace AI will replace those who don’t.

We will be at the forefront of that shift. Onwards!

If you want to learn more about Beamery and why we’re the new standard in Recruitment CRM & Marketing solutions, you can request a demo here.

Nada Chaker

Content and Campaigns

Nada Chaker leads content and campaigns at Beamery. She writes and reads about the latest news in Talent Acquisition, but also about business strategy, startups, food and indoor plants.

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