Announcement: Beamery Raises New Round of Funding

It's been a great day at Beamery, we're thrilled to announce our latest round of funding to the world!

We've raised $2 million in funding from Edenred Capital Partners and Grupa Pracuj to build recruiting software that lets companies connect with hiring prospects and nurture relationships long before they apply.

Why are we building Beamery?

The are lots of great products to manage applications and screening, but the candidate journey begins long before people click apply.

Every relationship begins with multiple touch-points and we are trying to be the system that brings it all together. For our customers talent acquisition is a big priority, and we help them take it to the next level.

Beamery has built Recruitment CRM software that enables companies to approach recruiting like customer acquisition -  from outbound prospecting and pipeline building, to targeted nurture and engagement.

This gives companies a huge competitive advantage, providing a complete talent intelligence hub and helping companies build relationships with candidates that are not applying.

We'd like to thank our team, our investors and our customers. Want to know the most exciting thing? Our journey is only just beginning...

How can you learn more about Beamery?

Interested in learning more about Beamery and how we're transforming the way that companies hire, you can get a look under the hood and request a demo.

You can read a little more about our round of funding below:

Techcrunch: link

Venturebeat: link

Tech City News: link

ERE: link

Ben Slater

VP Marketing

Ben Slater leads marketing globally at Beamery. He typically writes about the future of work and talent transformation.

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