Kevin Blair Joins Beamery as VP Talent Strategy

We are excited to announce that Kevin Blair has just joined Beamery as Vice President of Talent Strategy, and will be based in our London office.

Kevin is a well-known figure in the industry, and has spent his entire career in Talent Management, Development & Acquisition. He strongly believes that talent can give companies a real competitive advantage, and spends most of his time enabling enterprises to optimise for hiring.

Most recently, Kevin was the Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition at IBM and was responsible for delivering 52,000 hires per year in over 150 countries. Kevin also worked directly with IBM customers to help them think differently about recruitment technology and design effective operating models. Before his time at IBM, Kevin held executive roles at Cisco, Salesforce and Oracle.

At Cisco he was responsible for all of the company’s hiring outside of North America across all functions. During his last 2 years in the role, he also took over the hiring of Engineering talent for the US region.

So what will Kevin be doing as a Vice President of Talent Strategy?

We designed this role to enable us as a company to benefit from Kevin’s vast experience in talent acquisition, but also to offer an opportunity for hands-on contributions. In practice, the role will have two main aspects:

1 lead Beamery’s own Talent Acquisition team, so we are able to fulfill our ambitions for growth by continuing to bring exceptional talent onboard; 2 work with various teams to make sure we’re creating valuable products that help companies impact the future of work.

Why did Kevin join Beamery? What is he excited to do here?

In the current environment, there is an opportunity for talent technology vendors to bring value to their customers beyond the products they sell. As someone who has worked on the customer side for years, Kevin has a clear vision on what a productive vendor-customer partnership looks like.

Given the pace at which the landscape is currently changing, talent leaders are keen for support on strategic decisions from external partners. They are very open to input around things like resource planning, recruiter capacity and utilization, and candidates attraction and filtering, to mention just a few.

Kevin also has a product development philosophy that is very close to our own. As a team, we are always willing to discuss and revisit future plans, and to explore opportunities beyond the established roadmap. For him, that is how a talent technology company can really differentiate itself down the line.

What were some of the first things that people at Beamery learned about Kevin?

Kevin is slightly obsessed with Star Wars. His phone ringtone is the Imperial March, his laptop has a stormtrooper sticker on it next to the Ravenclaw one and the Banksy one, and he is very comfortable quoting Star Wars in emails and internal comms.

He’s also a sneakers person. He has an impressive collection of sneakers, and will talk extensively about them if given the chance. He’s unfortunately had to face the harsh reality of London’s commuters’ total indifference to exceptional footwear, and will now never again wear his “good” sneakers on the morning tube ride.

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