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Introducing Talent Ops Anonymous Season 2

We’re excited to announce the launch of the second season of Talent Ops Anonymous, a podcast entirely dedicated to the talent operations function!

Talent Ops Anonymous, hosted by Beamery’s Director of Strategy Kyle Lagunas, is the only podcast dedicated to elevating the overlooked—but increasingly critical—contributions of HCM’s back-end specialists: the talent operations function.

Episode 6 - Putting the Recruiter Experience at the Center of Transformation with PwC Canada

Where the head of TA sets the strategy, talent ops enables the execution by enabling prioritization, solution design, project management, analytics, and much more. But the talent operations function didn't always look like this; in fact, it still rarely starts out that way. We invited two stars from PwC Canada to tell us more about how they think talent organizations go through that journey and form successful operations function: James Davidson, Director of Talent Acquisition & Global Mobility, and Samantha Whitehall, Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition Strategy & Process.

Episode 5 - The Real Real on Data-Based Talent Acquisition Operations with Toyota and Humans Doing

In our recent Transformation Readiness study, we found out that the number one priority of CHROs is to improve their teams’ ability to make data-driven decisions, and the number one skill they think is needed on their teams is data analysis. So for this episode, we’re going to dig into the role that talent operations plays in those aspects of transformation with Nikki Cochran, Recruiting and Operations Lead at Humans Doing, and Andrew Savage, Senior Analyst, Talent Acquisition Strategy at Toyota.

Episode 4 - Bringing EVP to Life with Brand

Where employer branding and recruitment marketing step in to innovate, talent operation follows to reinforce and scale. So in this episode, we're digging deeper into the relationship between these two functions in the talent organization. We'll be hearing from Ashley Cheretes, who was until recently Head of Employer Brand & Marketing at Cigna, and Brandon Linn, who is the VP, Employer Brand Marketing & Social Media at Freedom Mortgage.

Episode 3 - Talent Operations: A Calling and A Career Path with Uber and Mondelēz

The scope of the talent operations function varies wildly from one company to the next. Talent leaders don’t recruit, train, or develop for this role the same way, and they don't have the same expectations from it. That is why we invited for this episode: Jonathan “JR” Reyes, Director of Global Talent Acquisition Operations at Uber, and Eileen Kovalsky, Global Head of Talent Acquisition Operations at Mondelez International. Let's talk Talent Ops careers, folks.

Episode 2 - Essential Operational Upgrades: Powering Up for a Transformational Year

Elaine Orler, Founder of Talent Function now a Cielo company and Andy Rice, Principal and Lead Strategist at Black Box Consulting are pioneers of the modern talent operations function. They’ve learned a thing or two about weathering a storm—and coming out the other end stronger than before. If you are thinking about gaps that need bridging, or risks that need mitigating, as you go into the new year, this episode is for you.

Episode 1 - Maximizing HR Tech Investments: Balancing Technical Expertise with Functional Experience

Why do you need a talent operations specialist on the team? There are many arguments for this, but given the current climate in the talent market, and the increased pressure to “transform, transform, transform”, we decided to focus on one of the biggest value-adds of the TA Ops function: getting a return from your tech investments.

Many talent teams struggle to fully utilize the technology they've fought hard to get budget for. It’s tempting to just rip and replace in a situation like that, but then how do you handle the resulting change management and system optimization challenges? Most of the time, these issues just drag on, and weigh down your future projects as a talent leader.

We invited Marcelo Mackinlay of Petco, and Marissa Daly-Bennett of PepsiCo to discuss the value of having someone with technical and functional aptitude on your team to ensure every tech investment is a win. They talk about it all: setting yourself up for a successful rollout, measuring the right metrics, and communicating with all the involved stakeholders.

What you can expect from the rest of the Talent Ops Anonymous Podcast

Talent Ops Anonymous is where talent operations experts come to commiserate with colleagues, master their craft, and learn a thing or two about themselves. If you want to dig deeper into topics that are always relevant and compelling for the next generation of talent leaders, then you are in the right place.

In this season, Kyle Lagunas, Beamery’s Director of Strategy and all around HR Tech strategist, talks to senior leaders at companies like PwC, Toyota, Uber and PepsiCo to celebrate their wins, examine their failures, and draw back the curtain on the less-than-glamorous aspects of transformation in the most dynamic corner of the world of work.

Expect new episodes every Monday, and subscribe via your podcast player of choice to never miss one.

Look back on Season 1 of Talent Operations Anonymous

Season 1 of the Talent Ops Anonymous podcast focused on introducing this key talent function to the rest of the business. With insights from Better.com, Intel, Visier and more, we discussed the different forms this role can take, the skills required for it, and the expectations placed on the rest of the people org on the talent operations specialist. You can listen to all episodes in the link below.

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