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5 Tactics to Take Candidate Experience from Good to Great

We all the know the dire stats about candidate experience.

60% of candidates go through a bad experience when applying to a new job, and 72% of them choose to share that experience with others. You don’t want to be one of the bad ones.

Building a decent candidate experience takes a lot of work. You have to think about every step of the journey, from the first time a candidate lands on your careers site or your linkedin page, to the reviews they read on glassdoor, to the application they fill out, to that final exchange when you make them an offer or turn them down.

Candidate experience Journey

Timing all of those separate parts is tricky, you have to map every step of the journey to distinct parts of your recruitment marketing strategy: How do you identify and collect information from promising leads? What content are you sending at what time? Do you invite candidates to an event, and should it be before or after?

This foundational work is necessary for a solid, good candidate experience. But besides these strategic measures, there are a few things that you can do to make candidates not only appreciate the whole experience, but really delight in it. We’ve picked 5 candidate experience tips that are both impactful and fairly easy to implement.

Introduction cards

When a candidate is invited to interview, share with them a quick “intro card” about the interviewers they will meet. It can as simple as an email with a link to their Linkedin account, or it can be a paragraph with a few professional and personal details about the interviewers. It’s amazing how few companies actually do that, when it’s such a small cost and demands just a little advance preparation.

BCG, for example, prints small cards for Associate interviewees to read as they are heading into their case interview. Cases are pretty intimidating, and it helps to know that your interviewer is a reltabale human being who owns four dogs or loves snowboarding.

A hand-written thank you note

60% of candidates think better communication would improve their experience. Not a nicer application form, or fewer interviews- just better communication. An easy one to get right is a simple thank you for their time in the form of a note by the interviewer. It’s a considerate first touch right after the interview.

It’s hard to believe how much that simple gesture counts, and yet, very few companies go to the trouble.

A tour of the office

If you are interviewing candidates in your office, schedule some time after the interview for a relaxed and fun tour. You don’t need to work in a cool campus with waterslides and free smoothies; interested candidates will still appreciate the opportunity to see where the magic happen every day, and to talk with potential future colleagues.

Now if you DO happen to work in an exciting space, why not show it off?

BMW headquarters images by Atlantide Phototravel:Getty Images BMW headquarters. [image-caption-end]

Personalized gifts

Now this one is a bit trickier to implement, but its wow factor is pretty high. A few larger companies have branded goodie bags available candidates who come for interviews, for example, but what really sets you apart is when you add a layer of personalization.

Credit Suisse takes gift giving to an extremely, and gives a personalized gift to each MBA summer intern applicant, such as a cookbook for a cooking enthusiast or tickets to a game for a basketball fan. You don’t have to go to those lengths, however- Linkedin, for example, simply makes different packages for different categories of applicants using company swag.

Linkedin Candidate Experience tips

[image-caption] Source: Linkedin Blog [image-caption-end]

A text messages to collect feedback

Only 1 in 4 companies regularly asks candidates directly for feedback on their candidate experience. That’s an excellent opportunity to stand out while also learning how you’re doing in the eyes of your candidates.

You can send it via text message for a non-intrusive experience, like Grubhub does with its customers, or you can mention that you will send along a candidate experience survey link when you call the candidate to update them about the status of their candidacy. Candidates are more likely to respond if you tell them personally how much importance you give to their opinion.

candidate experience tips grubhub

Keep in mind that these are great ways to improve an already decent experience. A nice gift will not make a candidate forget that you took two months to get back to them. These gestures should come on top of a well-planned, detailed candidate experience strategy.

If you have the bases covered, however, just a few touches like these are enough to propel your candidate experience to a whole new level.

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