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The Top 7 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

I think it's safe to say that recruitment marketing is not a fad.

Not only are businesses across the globe getting huge benefits from successful recruitment marketing, but it's contributed to significant improvements for candidates, and their experience engaging with your company.

We outlined the main reasons why recruitment marketing is such a hot topic in a recent post, but today we wanted to dig into some of the main benefits that your company can expect if they embark on a recruitment marketing strategy?

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1. Strategic Alignment

Recruitment marketing helps you play the long game.

There's a big strategic component, you’re searching for candidates that could make a “10x” impact in your organization, not just the ones that are immediately available. There's an increased focus on passive candidates, and success relies on carefully building personas of the kinds of people that “fit” your company.

These candidates could end up being hired in the future, equally, they might not. Either way though, they should be of a sufficiently high quality that your company will benefit from building relationships with them.

2. Acceleration

With metrics like time to hire or time to start key the way that hiring teams get evaluated, it's important to be able to move fast.

Once recruitment marketing programs are set up, and you've started to build a pipeline of candidates that are a good fit for your company, you should expect to see accelerated processes across the board. For example, your team will never have to start new searches from scratch - there will always be a pool of engaged candidates that they can contact regarding new opportunities.

3. Better Candidate Experience

The relationship between your company and a candidate doesn't start when they "click" apply, it begins the very first time they encounter your business. At this "pre-applicant" stage, the candidate experience is incredibly important. This is the time that people are evaluating your company, this is when they're deciding whether to apply or not.

Recruitment marketing gives you the ability to personalize the content and communication that people receive at this stage of the process. Every touchpoint can be customized based on "who" the candidate is, their level of engagement and their relationship with you. For companies concerned about the candidate experience, recruitment marketing is a no-brainer.

4. Stronger Employer Branding

“I’m surprised how few companies have a really good message that captures the essence of the company’s mission and why working there and being a part of that is exciting.” – Todd Raphael, Editor-in-Chief at ERE

People don't apply to companies, people apply to brands. They're looking for a commonality, some idea or sense of mission that they share with your organization. Hardly a surprise then that 55% of talent leaders see employer branding as the top investment priority in 2017.

The way that you project and market your brand is deeply important. You need to leverage the right content on your careers page, the right nurture campaigns, the right kind of messaging about your EVP to be successful. To do this at scale, and do it in a way that is measurable, you need recruitment marketing.

5. Reduced Hiring Costs

How much of the money that you currently spend on talent attraction is wasted? We're not just talking spend on job boards or agencies here, think about events, graduate programs, your careers site, anything designed to create brand awareness and generate applications.

The answer? It's pretty difficult to track. In fact, it's reminiscent of the old adage about advertising from John Wanamaker - "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half!"

Not only will the right recruitment marketing platform help you track the effectiveness of different campaigns on generating pipeline, it will help you prioritize the best investments of your time and resources.

We also shouldn't forget that merely having a pipeline or a pool of talent that you can dip into will alleviate many costs - if you can find relevant candidates in your database, you don't need agencies and ads.

6. Improved Candidate Quality

When it comes to talent acquisition, quality always trumps quantity.

The problem that many organizations are currently facing though, is that the quality candidates that actually visit their website and browse their jobs don't apply. These people aren't necessarily ready to jump through the hoops of an application process - they might be willing to learn more about your company, but they're not "ready to apply".

Setting up a talent network to convert some of these candidates into leads can be a huge win for your organization. It shouldn't be overestimated how difficult it is to get people to come to your website. There's no guarantee that they'll be back, so you need to do everything you can to convert them while they're there.

For this strategy to really work though, you have to think carefully about what happens next. How do you nurture these candidates and move them through your funnel to an application? If you can crack this code, then you'll see some pretty special results.

7. Increased Diversity

There's a lot of data out there to support the fact that diverse teams are more effective. McKinsey research indicates, for example, that gender diverse teams are 15% more likely to outperform, while ethnically diverse teams are 35% more effective.

The challenge that companies face though, is attracting people that meet their diversity requirements - this ranked as the number one pain point in our recent State of Diversity report.

Recruitment marketing helps organizations become a lot more proactive about the talent personas that they're going after. Whether it's through events, pipelining, content or talent networks, recruiters have the tools they need to engage the right candidates more effectively.

Anyone looking for an example should check out the great community that Lockheed Martin has created for military veterans.

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