Beamery Welcomes Xavier Langlois as General Counsel

To help oversee Beamery’s triple digit growth and scale operations, we recently welcomed Xavier Langlois to the #BeamTeam.

Xavier has spent all of his career as a lawyer working for technology and software companies of all sizes including Amazon, Getty Images, MTV, CDW, and HighQ. Most recently he served as General Counsel at growth equity firm, One Peak Partners.

Read on to learn more about Xavier’s exciting career, what led him to Beamery, his career advice, his new puppy, and his affinity for aviation!

Welcome to Beamery! You've got quite an interesting and varied background - tell us a bit more about your career journey.

Definitely unexpected is how I would describe it! I never set out to be a lawyer or work in the technology and software space I actually wanted to be a pilot for a long time. A lot of the opportunities I’ve had have happened organically and I’ve often taken a path because of the people/culture/product/company as opposed to a desire to achieve x/y/z. I never had a 5 or 10 year plan and don’t personally believe in them.

I was very lucky in my early years working in a law firm, to be seconded to some amazing tech companies including Amazon, MTV, and Getty Images. Those experiences really opened my eyes to the role of legal teams as true business partners and enabling change and growth just like any other teams. I was able to build on those experiences in my roles at Kelway now CDW and HighQ now part of Thomson Reuters and achieve two very successful exits working with exceptional talent. Before joining Beamery I had the opportunity to go to the ‘other side’ and see things from the investor’s perspective which has been invaluable in my development. Coming back to the software and technology space, and joining Beamery, just made sense.

What interested you about coming to work at Beamery?

I instantly connected with the underlying ethos of why Beamery came to be and it’s mission to make work equitable for all, and I immediately bought into the product and how it is helping customers transform how they think about talent management. Listening and reading some of the customer case studies, and understanding how Beamery was able to help them achieve their goals really felt like a differentiator to me. I knew that I wanted to be part of the Beamery journey and help build a category leader in the talent space. I have also easily connected with the people and have had a very warm ‘remote’ welcome.

As you know, Beamery is committed to putting talent transformation at the heart of every business. Given your experience and what's happening in the world today, why do you think companies are leaning on technology to help them transform the way they manage talent?

I really wanted to avoid mentioning COVID, but work as we know it, and what matters to employees and employers, has forever changed since COVID. Technology is the one common denominator that connects people in our current society, so it's only fair that businesses are investing in technologies like Beamery that can truly help them transform how they think about talent and manage it. Like with every great technology, it's only made great by the people who build and support it and the customers who use it, and Beamery has amazing groups of people and customers doing just that!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the legal field?

As cheesy as it sounds, being true to yourself and always remembering that business is ultimately about people. I’ve always found that no matter how technically good you are at your job, having that ability to connect with people goes a long way. I would always encourage those just starting out to build their networks early on in their career - it’s ultimately a small world out there and you never know when you might need someone’s help!

What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

I’m an aviation geek and you can sometimes find me tracking random planes/flights on an app.

Where is one of the first places you'll visit once Covid restrictions are lifted?

Before we had our puppy I would have said an airport – my partner and I are passionate about travelling. As new dog parents, we might have to keep it more local and visit some of our favourite restaurants in London with friends and family!

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Nada Chaker leads content and campaigns at Beamery. She writes and reads about the latest news in Talent Acquisition, but also about business strategy, startups, food and indoor plants.

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