Beamery and Hiretual Announce Partnership to Boost Talent Search and Engagement

Beamery and Hiretual are launching a new partnership.

Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, and Hiretual today announced the availability of a new integration between the two platforms that gives users access to lightning-fast data and cutting-edge technology in order to significantly boost their hiring efforts.

For the very first time, enterprise customers can now take advantage of a single unified platform, driven by Hiretual’s AI sourcing capabilities and Beamery’s Candidate Relationship Management CRM and recruitment marketing automation modules—both key components of Beamery’s broader Talent Operating System.

The partnership introduces the first intelligent and integrated data mapping technology of its kind, combining AI and data enrichment — the best of both Talent Acquisition tech stacks — to power a better recruiter experience for hiring teams and better candidate experience for talent.

*“Hiretual and Beamery have both been transformative additions to our Talent Acquisition strategy. The partnership between these two powerful hiring platforms is a game-changer and will give Continental a competitive advantage in finding and attracting the most talented individuals in our industry,” * said Craig Pyke, Talent Acquisition Manager from Continental Automotive.

The new enhanced integration is entirely API-based and enables bi-directional flow of candidates, candidate information and talent pools. Customers leverage Hiretual to automate sourcing and screening efforts, the results of which can then be seamlessly synced with Beamery’s Talent Operating System as the one source of candidate truth.

Through Beamery, candidates will be nurtured and converted into applicants, at which point, they will be delivered to an integrated Applicant Tracking System ATS for a streamlined interview and hiring process. The Beamery and Hiretual integration and partnership drives best-in-class recruiter and candidate experiences, guaranteeing more efficient and effective hiring for its mutual customers.

“Large enterprises today need every source of data available to them to make better hiring decisions. With the partnership and deepest available integration with Hiretual we’re helping them go a step further to achieving this, by combining the power of our Talent Operating System with their AI sourcing capabilities it benefits not only candidates, but importantly helps recruiting teams be even more intelligent and efficient - at scale.” Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President of Beamery.

“This partnership will continue to transform the talent acquisition world. With AI, our state-of-the-art technology brings the best candidate experience,” said Steven Jiang, CEO of Hiretual.

About Beamery

Beamery's Talent Operating System allows enterprises to attract, engage, and retain top talent, and manage the entire talent journey on one unified platform. It is powered by Beamery’s proprietary data enrichment engine, Sherlock. A key foundation to the entire platform, it automatically enriches and deduplicates candidate information, and maps rich behavioural and professional data to every record. This high-quality data then makes it easy for recruiters to leverage Beamery’s recruitment marketing capabilities to provide candidates with the same whiteglove experience that marketing teams use to target consumers and allows talent leaders to draw better insights across the entire talent journey.

About Hiretual

Hiretual sits at the top of the funnel to help hiring teams quickly source, screen, and initiate outreach to potential candidates. Powered by AI, Hiretual readily sources from 37+ platforms and screens over 200,000 candidate profiles in a matter of seconds. Hiretual users can set up email sequences to capture candidate attention and invite further engagement. Integrated with leading job boards, Hiretual enables users to post jobs, receive applications, and ultimately combine active and passive talent into one pool with one click.

James Wall

James is Head of Brand and Communications at Beamery. He's worked in marketing and communications with leading brands such as RedBull, adidas, Samsung, Guinness, Nissan and Sony Playstation among others. He's supporting Beamery's mission to help companies understand how to attract, engage and retain candidates at scale and acquire their greatest asset: their people.

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