Beamery 6: New Event Management and Executive Search Functionality

We’re bringing exciting specialized capabilities to talent teams.

We’re announcing today the imminent release of Beamery 6, the latest iteration of Beamery’s Talent Operating System. Core to the release are two new modules - Beamery Events and Beamery Executive Search. The modules are the first data-enriched, automated solutions for these critical talent functions.

“The best recruiting teams are always striving for more efficiency and predictability in how they attract, engage and retain talent,” said Sultan Saidov, President at Beamery.

“One of the biggest inefficiencies that exists in talent acquisition today, is that two central pillars of proactive recruiting–attracting talent through events, and strategically engaging talent through executive search–are run through siloed systems. The resulting pain for recruiters, and risk to candidate experience, is why Events and Exec search have been the two most requested modules by our customers. It is also why we are proud to announce that these modules are not only designed to create a seamless, time-saving experience for recruiters, but that they are powered by Beamery’s proprietary enrichment and automation technology– with data-driven workflows that enable enterprises to turn these functions into a strategic talent advantage.”

Event Management

The Events module will allow companies to run global and local events strategies at scale, with end-to-end workflows to plan, promote and run events, including for campus, meetups, webinars, hackathons, diversity, military, and alumni recruiting, all from a single platform.

workspace 4

Upcoming Events module workspace

Talent teams will be able to rapidly launch on-brand events with smart suggestions from event templates generated for each event type, through to a prioritised list of potential guests powered by Beamery’s behavioural boolean. The boolean search makes this module even more efficient as it looks for the right talent signals across all prospect and candidate data available to your company when putting together guest lists.

All candidate interactions are automatically tracked and leveraged to enable better communication, whether using email opens to trigger an automated reminder to RSVP ahead of the event, or registration submissions to trigger sending full details on the event.

A “Check-in” kiosk mode can be used on the day of the event to track attendance and provide an optimal candidate experience, and an event workspace is generated to empower your team to handle logistics and track and report on how the event performed against their objectives.

Any communication can be fully automated and personalised through event campaigns, and candidates signing up to the event can be automatically assigned to the relevant recruiters, talent pools, and workflows, based on their intent and the relevance of their skills and experience. Post-event follow up campaigns can be triggered and personalized based on the status of different attendees

event list 2

Configurable dashboards and reports provide a unified view for each department to optimise their event strategy, with granular tracking on every data point, from invitation to hire. Event organisers can leverage event insights and suggested actions for live events, including recommendations for when to send event reminder, to targets within the event guest talent pool.

Executive Search

The Executive Search module is the first enterprise CRM offering designed for in-house exec search teams. The functionality is optimised for strategic workflows involving confidential candidates including:

  • Planning search criteria and target companies
  • Mapping out relationships between a target candidate and people they have worked or interacted with
  • Reporting on strategic pipeline activities
  • Controlling confidentiality at every level of candidate information

related-profiles-blog 1

Executive search teams are often forced to operate in a silo due to the sensitive nature of their candidates, and it not being possible to fully control how their confidentiality is handled within existing CRM solutions.

To meet the needs of even the most sophisticated talent organisations, we have enhanced our existing confidentiality functionalities to provide complete control over what candidate data is visible to each user and team within your organisation. This includes a new automation to determine if a candidate added by a particular recruiter, or to a particular pool or job, should have specific fields and activities, or even their whole profile, hidden from other recruiters.

A new ‘related profile’ module enables recruiters to map out and org chart all relevant candidate relationships, and leverage these connections to engage with the candidate and to back-channel for the kind of additional context necessary for senior hires.

The full capabilities of Beamery will be made available to executive recruiters, alongside configurable exec-specific workflows and reports, including for exec ‘sourcing pools’ and exec fields and steps, to empower an optimal process for senior hiring without compromising on the advantages of keeping all talent data and processes in one unified system.

This release is the latest in a string of product announcements that add to the breadth of Beamery’s Talent Operating System. It enhances Beamery’s effectiveness for modern enterprises and gives talent teams the capabilities to truly specialize without compromising on efficiency and unity.

About Beamery

Beamery’s Talent Operating System allows enterprises to attract, engage, and retain top talent, and manage the entire talent journey on one unified platform. Beamery's mission is to help the world's best companies acquire their greatest assets: their people. Founded in 2014, Beamery is trusted by the world's most innovative global organizations to treat their candidates like customers. Beamery has offices in London, Austin, and San Francisco.

James Wall

James is Head of Brand and Communications at Beamery. He's worked in marketing and communications with leading brands such as RedBull, adidas, Samsung, Guinness, Nissan and Sony Playstation among others. He's supporting Beamery's mission to help companies understand how to attract, engage and retain candidates at scale and acquire their greatest asset: their people.

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