Talent Operations - 5min read

The Power of Talent Data Platforms in Recruiting

The recruiting tech stack is not playing catch-up to the rest of the business anymore.

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Talent Operations - 5min read

Nailing Talent Acquisition Technology Adoption in 2021

44% of companies have implemented new recruitment technology during the 2020 pandemic.

Recruitment Marketing - 4min read

What Does the Future of Employee Retention Programs Look Like?

Employee retention programs will be taking a new shape in the next few years.

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Are Businesses Really Prioritizing DEI in 2021?

If everything is a priority, then nothing really is.

Recruitment Marketing - 4min read

The Diversity Numbers That Talent Leaders Care About

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace was one of the hottest topics of the year…

Talent Operations - 4min read

What Matter Most About Talent Tech is Not the Tech Itself

No one wants to spend time on talent tech integrations or data management when there are sexy new…

Brand and Candidate Experience - 3min read

3 Things Talent Teams Must Nail Following the 2020 Pandemic

Many talent teams had to reinvent themselves to get through the past year; in 2020, change was the…

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Zoom's Single Secret for Superfast Growth

Successful talent acquisition strategies cannot be reduced to a single trick, but the Zoom talent…

Updates - 2min read

Beamery Ranked the 10th Fastest Growing Company in the UK in the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 50

LONDON, November 19, 2020 — Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, today announced that it…

Talent Operations - 5min read

From Tables to Graphs: How to Transform TA by Storing Data Differently

The shape of the talent databases an organization uses can dramatically change its ability to hire…

Updates - 4min read

Beamery Customers Honored for Developing Programs that Embrace Change, Underpin Growth and Transform Talent Acquisition

Customers honored during 3rd annual talent summit include Zoom Video Communications, AstraZeneca…

Updates - 2min read

Beamery Launches Talent Data Platform as Foundation for AI Driven Talent Management

Platform unveiled at Beamery’s Spark Live event, an online gathering of 5,000 global talent leaders…

Updates - 2min read

Updates: Introducing a Smarter Talent Sourcing Experience.

A proactive recruitment strategy depends—as so much in Talent Acquisition does!—on good data.

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