Are you tapping your goldmine of talent data?

Are you tapping your goldmine of talent data?

With automatically updated and enriched skills data, you can easily rediscover talent based on their potential. Accelerate processes and reduce hiring costs by quickly re-engaging resurfaced talent at the right time.

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Never start a search from scratch

Start every req by searching through enriched, up-to-date profiles from your talent network and ATS, and use AI to prioritize the talent with the right skills and potential.

Keep silver medalists engaged

Engage unsuccessful applicants with events, newsletters and opportunities relevant to their interests, skills, location and more, so that your employer brand stays top-of-mind.

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Automate pipeline building for key roles

Harness the power of your ATS and CRM data with “always on” workflows scanning your database for existing talent that matches requirements for current and future roles.

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