Are you ready for the great resignation?

Beamery lets you give every worker a transparent, personalized and AI-driven map for their career.

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Empower employees to take control of their own careers

For the first time, give every worker a transparent, personalized, AI driven map for their career, so that they have “turn-by-turn” guidance on the internal roles and opportunities that are a fit for their experience and motivations.

Enable personalized learning and development

Show employees what skills are in demand so that they can grow, learn, upskill, and feel more valued and engaged within your organization.

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Anticipate and fill key skills gaps

Identify the skills your business needs for the future, and upskill your employees to build them internally, saving recruiting costs.

57% of employees

agree it’s easier to find new jobs in different organizations

Increase retention of high performers

Increase transparency and make growth paths clear to employees so that they remain connected and loyal to your company.

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