Services the way you want them, when you need them

From implementation to adoption, urgent queries to tailored workflow designs, our team is here for you. Deploy faster, get a quicker return on investment and maximise your long term results with our Professional Services team.

    Tailored implementation

    We design your instance of Beamery together, mapping solutions to the challenges you’re trying to solve and configuring the platform based on your unique business requirements.

    Easy data migration

    Beamery’s data team simplifies data migrations to make sure all your data is correctly mapped, de-duplicated and even enriched and updated when we go through the import process.

    Training and enablement

    With a tailored on demand syllabus, in-person workshops, and online sessions, your team gets the training it needs, in the formats that fit your budget and schedule.

    Managed services

    Our team has decades of experience working with talent leaders across the globe and can provide you best-practice advice, hands-on assistance, or the strategic guidance you need.

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