Do your workers know what is next?

Provide employees with personalized career paths in your company so that they can upskill and stay connected to your business.

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Give your employees a clear path for growth

Beamery gives every worker a transparent, personalized, AI driven map for their career, so that they have “turn-by-turn” guidance on the internal roles and learning opportunities open to them with you and don't need to look elsewhere.

53% of employees

are considering leaving their current role in the next year.

Accelerate development through mentorship

Help employees can break free of the limitations of their personal networks and connect with internal mentors that can provide guidance, advice and upskilling opportunities

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Does your talent have a future with your brand?

Create fairer, more equitable internal opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

Retain your employees with a better understanding of their skills and aspirations.

Empower your employees by showing them clear career pathing and progression options.

Increase internal mobility rates and create a culture of internal hiring.

Improve your talent planning with an unbiased skills perspective.

Eliminate bias from progression

Automatically consider every employee for every opportunity with more inclusive resourcing powered by AI. Algorithms are built and tested to encourage equitable, diverse resourcing and minimize inherent and systemic bias.

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