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Let employees grow the way they want

Let employees grow the way they want

Give your workers control over their own development journey, and provide intelligent recommendations based on development goals, cognition style, work preferences and more.

Align skills to business priorities

AI matches workers in real time to each available gig, project or opportunity based on what they have done, can do, want to do, and how their skills and experience compares with peers and candidates.

Align skills to business priorities
Build an internal resourcing engine

Build an internal resourcing engine

Enable internal recruiters and managers to locate talent within the company and quickly and easily fill openings with capable, ambitious, and best-fit employees who are ready to get to work

Get a total talent view

Look at your total talent universe in a fair, objective way. Identify the skills that you need and the adjacent skills your candidates can learn, so you can upskill your people, leave them feeling more valued and save on recruiting costs.

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