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Predict the future

Forecast your business effectively, project how many hires you are on pace to make and plan the resources you need to meet future goals.

Demonstrate the impact of your strategy

As an executive, launch customizable, presentation-ready dashboards in seconds. Come prepared to discuss what’s working and where to focus.

6 day reduction
in time-to hire from resurfaced candidates.
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Optimize team performance

As a manager you can improve your team’s performance by monitoring pipeline health, tracking KPIs, and optimizing workflows.

Achieve diversity targets

Improve DEI outcomes with analytics to show you where people are not progressing, flag potential bias and highlight strategies that drive engagement from underrepresented groups.

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Understand your workforce

For the first time, get a complete X-Ray view into the capabilities of your global workforce, showing you gaps and opportunities, so you can meet business demand.

Boost retention

Identify which employees are unhappy with their career path long before they even consider leaving.

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