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Everything you need to recruit more proactively and build pipelines of qualified talent.

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Plan and pipeline talent 

Say goodbye to post and pray. Proactively build and nurture pipelines of talent to fill skills gaps quickly.

Unlock your talent data

Get a 360 view of every person in your database — their skills, connections and history - and automatically fill talent pools with talent that is the best fit for your hiring goals.

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Scheduling made simple

Schedule interviews and collect candidate feedback from email or from within your talent pipeline so there’s no need to rely on other tools and workflows.

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The best data foundation for talent

Our market-leading CRM puts you in control of your talent data, so you can find the skills you need for your business.

Beamery keeps your data clean, enriched and up-to-date, so you always have accurate information.

Automate any workflow in Beamery, so you remove manual work and focus on one-to-one, human interactions.

Save time on admin and scale your reach with Beamery, to save your team time and make them more effective.

Demonstrate value across the talent lifecycle. Easily report on critical KPIs with customizable analytics and pre-built dashboards.

Find candidates with the potential to succeed

Identify candidates with the skills you need and the potential to grow, and surface those that match existing high performers at your company.

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Centralize your reporting

Track the ROI of different channels and sources, manage team performance and forecast results by monitoring your pipeline from first reach-out to offer.

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