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Unleash human potential with AI

Unleash human potential with AI

Create a personalized experience across the entire talent lifecycle, with a human-centered AI that will help you find, develop and retain talent.

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Identify the right talent faster by using AI. Boost recruiter efficiency, offer personalized career paths, and make an impact on your DE&I initiatives while removing bias and providing transparency in your decisions, with explainable AI.

Ensure your organization is ready for AI compliance regulations so that you can accelerate your journey to taking a skills-first approach to talent management.

Beamery provides us with a single view of talent data across multiple touch points which injects speed into our process and allows us to provide a higher level of personalization, as well as deliver the insights we need to create compelling candidate experiences.


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Create a truly personalized experience with Explainable AI


of business leaders say AI has the potential to transform how they approach talent

Ensure your organization is on pace to attract the skills and talent you need to meet future goals.


of Talent Index respondents said AI could make the overall recruitment process much faster

Offer both candidates and employees a personalized career path with AI-powered career recommendations.

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Implement AI compliance best practices and reduce bias

Fair AI

Make fair and responsible hiring decisions, by  knowing that the data you have is a true representative of real-world scenarios. There’s also no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used by our AI.

Explainable AI

Get the rationale behind every recommendation, for full transparency. We always inform candidates and users when AI is applied.

Compliant AI

Ensure your organization is future proofed for new compliance and regulations, while able to provide equal opportunities to work.

Empower HR teams with explainable insights

Provide your talent team with real-time access to the rationale behind our AI suggestions and recommendations. Reduce bias at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

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Why Beamery - Explainable AI - A new way to think about skills

A new way to think about skills

Solve the long-standing problem of managing skills data with a single view across the entire Talent Lifecycle. Maintain one source of truth and one skills taxonomy across your organization, even when your team adds a new system or HR tool.

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Make better decisions with AI

Improve recruiter efficiency and uncover better candidate insights, with Beamery’s unique approach to “total skills context”, focusing on the specific needs of your organization and industry. Match candidates on job title, industry context, and skills relevance, while understanding the rationale behind the AI recommendations.

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Dynamic Talent Practices for the Future of Work

Dynamic Talent Practices for the Future of Work

Unlocking organizational resilience and adaptability relies heavily on a dynamic skills approach. Watch this webinar to learn more.

The Universal Skills Platform from Beamery

The Universal Skills Platform from Beamery

Beamery’s Universal Skills Platform automatically brings together skills data from disparate systems and provides a single, “always up-to-date” picture of the capabilities and potential of every emplo

Why A Skills-First Approach Supports Organizational Diversity

Why A Skills-First Approach Supports Organizational Diversity

DE&I is still high on the business agenda, but it’s clear that progress cannot be made without a more holistic approach – starting with a focus on the skills people bring to the table.

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